Puppy Orientation

During this seminar we will introduce you to the key concepts that will help you understand your puppy better and how to train him.

We will cover : 

  • What is puppy hood: the critical development periods and what is in your dog mind. 
  • Good and bad play: Socialization and play is key to a puppy development, but not all is good. How to recognize good from bad play. When to stop it?
  • Exercising your dog : how much to exercise, what kind of exercise to give. What about mental vs physical exercise?
  • About puppy class: what we do in puppy class and why. Why confidence building, body awareness and practicing focus & attention is so important. 
  • Doggily training philosophy : how do we train and why. What is positive and reward based training? How building a bond with your dog helps you in life.
  • Q&A: The last 30 minutes will be dedicated for Q&A, so we can address any doubts or concerns. 

This is a human only seminar reserved for Puppy Class students (and their guests).

Dates & Time
October 31, 2022 18:30
November 28, 2022 18:30
Free for Puppy class students.
Doggily center

You can join Puppy orientation twice as part of your Puppy class package. (any family member attending the classes)

You can invite guests. They will have to pay a fee of 15€.

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