Hi! I'm Veronica 👋

Veronica training chocolate labradors
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Veronica A. Taborga

Dog trainer and Behavior consultant

My goal is to build good relationships to achieve good results using positive and force free methods.
I discovered this field thanks to my own dogs who challenged me with their own fears, anxieties and even reactivity.

Eli, our daschund, and Patch, our Dalmatian-Bodeguero mix have been my master all those years. In 2011, I studied Animal Behavior and Dog training at the University of Barcelona in Spain and I haven't stopped my learning journey since then.

Every new dog and animal I meet triggers me to learn more so I can deeply understand them. I constantly keep learning by attending seminars and conferences around the world, reading multiple books about behavior, neuroscience and any topics that can help me get a little closer to them.

My values

Training philosophy

I believe in working with respect and understanding for the dog, using positive and reward based methods.
When I work with clients one of my focuses is : How can we improve this relationship? What are the motivations of our furry companions? How can we do it better and simpler? Communication is key.

I train with heart, love and through games. Training should be fun for you and your dog.

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