Teen dog Training

Surviving your dog's puberty!

As your dog becomes an adolescent (6-8 months), he/she will seem to have forgotten all about his puppy lessons. In our class we will provide the tools and help you and your dog thrive in this turbulent period.

  • Get you dog to listen to you, even when there are distractions
  • Learn good manners in daily life : greeting, playing ..
  • Be calm and relaxed around other dogs and people
  • Build your dog confidence around other dogs and humans
  • Learn how to address and prevent common behavior problems : Jumping, chewing, pulling on leash, barking ..
  • Learn how to obtain the behaviour you want from your dog with respect and cooperation
  • Build a wonderful relationship with your dog

Good dog training is more than just obedience

For your dog to become well-behaved, confident and happy, it is important to teach him/her the right life skills. In the class besides strengthening basic manners we will give you the tools to help your dog grow with confidence

  • Recalls : Come when called - quickly and reliably
  • Loose leash walking : Walking nicely on a leash (without pulling)
  • Heel on/off leash : Keeping your dog on your side, either left or right, when convenient.
  • Confidence & Trust : Building your dog's confidence and trust through a variety of activities.
  • Self control : Stay calm and quiet even with other dogs or people around
  • Say “hello” politely : Crossing people or other dogs, let’s start asking our puppy to be polite
  • High Distraction : Keeping your dog focused on you or the work with distractions around.
  • Fun & tricks : Let’s have some more fun teaching your dogs some tricks (Bring it, Leave it, Walk Backwards...)
about the class

Come every week for a fun and educational class

  • 8 sessions of 1 hour each
  • Positive reinforcement training
  • Training is done through a variety of fun exercises for the dogs and the humans
  • Classes are kept small to ensure individual attention.
    (max 6 dogs)
  • Classes are in English