Golden retriever in training class
Private Training

We can help with ...

  • Basic manners like walking without pulling on the leash, coming when called, not jumping on strangers...
  • Disruptive behavior like barking, puppy biting, getting overexcited, destruction at home ...
  • Worrisome behavior like distrust, fear, reactivity towards people or dogs, being aggressive around food or toys ...
  • Separation anxiety expressed as barking, crying or destroying things when staying alone

How we help

Every training is tailored to your dog and family needs. During every session, I answer all your questions, give you tips and teach you how to train your dogs.

  • Assessment: During the first session I will gather the information to design the program. 🧐 It will last around 1h30 so you have plenty of time to ask your questions.
  • Follow-up sessions: During each session, we will assess the progress and adjust the training to get further. We will practice together, so you have the tools to keep training in between sessions. 🤝🏿
  • Homework: A little bit of training everyday is the best to reach your goals. You will get some homework to do in between each session. The more you train the faster you will see results. 🙌
  • Free support: In between sessions, you can call or text if you have any questions. 💖
Mini bullterrier playing with ball