Dog Behavior Consultation

Do you need a professional to help you with your dog behavior ?

We offer behavior consultation to analyse the situation and help you modify the behavior. Our methodology is based on kindness and scientific methods using applied behaviour analysis. We work closely with your family to teach you how to manage and modify the behavior.

We work with dogs of all ages and breeds with a variety of problems such as aggression, fighting, biting, resource guarding, excessive barking, dog bullying, phobias, shyness, fears, anxiety, and other behaviors.

We helped clients with
  • Dog destroying the house when left alone
  • Puppy jumping on newcomers
  • Dog refusing to go out of the house
  • Dog showing hyper activity at home
  • Dog being aggressive when food is around
  • Dog pulling on leash

All these behaviors are normal, from a doggie perspective, trying to fit in a human world, however, from a human perspective it’s somehow different. If you are working on any of these behaviors and get stuck, maybe we can help you to give a step up to your training.

How it works
  1. Initial consultation to assess the dog and the environment. During the consultation we will gather all the information we need to create a custom program for your dog.  
  2. Build a training program tailored to your dog and your family. The program will include exercises and tips for you to follow.
  3. Follow up sessions where we evaluate the progress and adjust the program accordingly.
Hello! I'm Veronica
I’m an animal behaviorist and dog trainer, my aim is to build good relationships between you and your dog to achieve results using positive and force free methods. I discovered this field thanks to my own dogs who challenged me with their fears, anxieties and reactivity. Since then I went on a non stop learning path, attending courses and seminars around the world, reading tons of books and learning from every new dog I work with.

What our clients say

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